SHUTTEREX® pre-painted steel

SHUTTEREX® steel for Roller Shutter

SHUTTEREX® steel is designed for roller door applications. It has an aluminium /zinc alloy coated steel substrate which provides excellent formability and corrosion resistance. A high quality paint system formulated to protect the steel in different weather conditions provides a long lasting, durable and attractive finish


Product Advantage of SHUTTEREX® steel

Strength SHUTTEREX® prepainted steel is produced from high quality steel with yield strength above 300 N/M2 balancing dent resistance and formability
Corrosion Resistance SHUTTEREX® steel has a zinc/aluminium alloy coated  steel substrate, providing superior corrosion resistance
Formability SHUTTEREX® steel is manufactured on continuous metallic coating and paint lines, providing consistent mechanical properties and adhesion. This means that the coating will not crack or peel during drawing and forming processes.
Gloss SHUTTEREX® steel is formulated to have an attractive high gloss (75 percentage) finish.


SHUTTEREX® steel is specially designed for the manufacture of roller shutter doors, in a range of attractive colours, with durable paint systems, on a high quality corrosion resistant coated steel base.