Colorbond® steel
Colorbond® has Zincalume® steel, a Zinc-Aluminium 55% Alloy Coated Steel is certified by Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TIS 2228-2558), as a core substrate. It provides both barrier protection of Aluminium that prevents steel from atmospheric contacts and galvanic protection of Zinc that sacrifices metal layer to protect its core steel at cut edges and scratches. Elegance, Colour, design versatility. Lightweight strength and durability are just some of the features that have made COLORBOND® steel a favorite choice for architects, developers, designers ,home owners and the public alike. COLORBOND® steels gives 30 years warranty* (*All warranties are subjected to NS BLUESCOPE (THAILAND) LTD.‘s) and are produced accorded to AS/NZS ( a joint Australian and New Zealand standard ), one of the most stringent standards in the world, to provide piece of mind to the building’s owner

COLORBOND® MATT steel is intelligently designed matt, with gloss unit of less than 10, to drastically reduce specular reflection.

COLORBOND® Pearlescent steel enabling you to enhance your prestigious building designs. The effect of lighting over the mica particles of the metallic finish provides a unique perception of depth. The particles create a striking effect as the appearance of the painted surface looks different depending on the lighting condition and viewing angle.

COLORBOND® XPD steel provides premium colour durability and excellent weatherability for exterior steel roofing and walling applications. It is specifically developed for applications that demand the ultimate performance in long-term colour and gloss retention.

steel range for Roofing, Walling and Flashings is especially designed for severe coastal and industrial environments – where there may be a smell of salt or salt spray in the air. Similarly, the effects of industrial emissions (fumes and/or particulate fallout) are typically.