Think of us as 129 year old young company delivering innovation, technology and expertise in Steel.

Important dates in BlueScope’s history are shown below. A more detailed history of the Company is available
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The BlueScope journey

1885 – 1935 (50 years) The formative years
1885 BHP formed to mine silver, lead and zinc.
1915 BHP commenced steelmaking.
1925 BHP acquires Port Kembla Steelworks.
1935 BHP acquires Australia Iron & Steel Limited (AIS) formed.
1965 – 1990 (25 Years) Years of Innovation
1965 Rollformers established in Singapore.
1966 First COLORBOND® steel produced.
1968 Rollformers established in Malaysia.
1971 Launches COLORBOND® steel to rollformers in Asia.
1973 Rollformers established in Indonesia.
BHP acquires John Lysaght.
1980 BHP acquires ASC Pacific in the United States.
1990- 2014 (24 Years) Redefining future;
1995 Metal coating line a paint line established in Indonesia.
1999 Cold rolled mill, metal coating & painting lines established in Thailand; Newcastle steelworks closed.
2001 BHP merges with Billiton PIc.
2002 BlueScope becomes independent company; further Investment in Asia and North America.
2003 Name changed to BlueScope Steel following shareholder approval at Annual General Meeting.
2004 Acquires Butler Manufacturing, leading designer and producer of pre-engineered buildings in North America and China.
2005 Vietnam metal coating/coated painting line commissioned ;
Establishes Join Venture with Tata Group to form Tata BlueScope Steel.
2006 Second Metallic coating and painting facility opens in Thailand.
2008 Acquires IMSA Steel Corp in USA – Steelscape, ASC Profiles, Varco Pruden and Metl-Span.
2012 Restructures Asia and US Businesses under Global Buildings, Solutions, and Building Products.
2013 Announces 50% Joint venture with Nippon Sumitomo Metal Corporation (NSSMC) Japan
2014 New entity NS BlueScope Coated Products celebrates 1 year of successful operation